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Contrary to popular belief, because the PR machine at Reprise and other writers didn't know my father's true background, he was not a Realtor and did not sell homes to Dean Martin and Lucille Ball as has been previously written; nor did DD&B meet on a Little League baseball diamond.We all went to the same grammar school at Beverly Hills Catholic.Douglas Mac Arthur (his hero, for obvious reasons) at the end of WWII.He met my young Filipina mother, Celia Bautista, when she and her friends went to his newly established Riviera Club on Roxas Blvd., located directly across from Manila Bay.This Friday she is scheduled to bow on her new network in a special, Lucy Moves to NBC. [Co-star Vivian Vance died last year.] We enjoyed it so much we didn’t want to go home at night. I watch PBS, talk shows, game shows and documentaries. I said I’d love to do the scene with the crocodile.

Billy: The Hinsche family is originally from Germany, the Black Forrest region specifically.

The last incarnation of her series ended in 1974, but the original is still in reruns after two decades and ranks as the most-watched sitcom in TV history. I guess after about six months out here in the ’30s I realized there was a place for me.

Lucy required a staff of 20 to handle her residuals and business affairs even before 1979, when she succumbed to the personal wooing of NBC President Fred Silverman (at a six-hour dinner) and defected from CBS. Eddie Cantor and Sam Goldwyn found that a lot of the really beautiful girls didn’t want to do some of the things I did—put on mud packs and scream and run around and fall into pools.

This is a "Sophie's Choice" question I cannot answer simply, so let's just say I have an equal love for both whether on record or live.

Brad: I love the origin story of Dino, Desi, & Billy getting signed.

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In October 1951 CBS introduced a half-hour comedy called I Love Lucy, and within a year it had the highest rating of any show before or since. I just saw three this week in my screening room, but that’s the most I’ve seen in two years. Kramer, Starting Over and Breaking Out, uh, Breaking Away. I had too wide a variety of parts to know who or what I was. We’re all hooked on the results of the permissiveness of the ’60s. Some of the most gifted people I’ve ever met or read about are homosexual. Have you read any of the biographies that have been written about you? I read the first two pages of one, and it was so shocking. Any woman would say the birth of her children was her greatest achievement, unless she was Madame Curie. When I got a divorce, and disappointed millions of people by doing so. I thought it was the most daring thing I’d ever done, and it certainly was.

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